A Critical Review of the 83″ Accent Suited Poker Table

The 83″ Accent Suited Poker Table is a colorful table decorated with aces and spades. Let us review the 83″ Accent Suited Poker Table and find out the features.The colorful bumper pads is what makes the 83″ Accent Suited Poker Table stand apart from similar tables in its category. The bumper pads are decorated with the aces, spades and the clubs. The table is a professional grade table which can be used for tournaments. The table surface is done with casino style high grade green felt which if maintained properly need not be changed in quite a few years. The bumper pads are covered with high grade mildew resistant black vinyl which adds to the looks of the table.The card suits are neatly stitched at each player position. The different cards are drawn symmetrically all over the bumper pads which makes this table look different. The 83″ Accent Suited Poker Table is suitable for 10 players. It is a standard sized table and the dealer can comfortably conduct a game during the tournament. I have seen this table being used in different tournaments. The table does not have all thee fuss that surrounds many other standard size poker table, but has all the requirements of serving your basic purpose of playing poker.As a professional poker player you may not be interested in all the designs either. However, this table lacks a couple of basic features which are common in most of the poker table nowadays. It does not have cup holders which has become almost a standard feature in most poker tables nowadays. Some tables have an ash tray holder and a dealer tray also which is missing in this table. The table has an aluminum reinforced frame which gives stability to the table. The aluminum reinforced frame ensures that the table stays in shape for many years without the need for any repairs.A proper maintenance can increase the life of the 83″ Accent Suited Poker Table for many years. If we take a look below the surface of the table, we see that the metal frame is well riveted into the wood removing any doubts about the quality of the table. Generally, poker tables of standard quality have a decent lifetime except from the occasional change of the felt.The table has folding legs, which makes this table very portable. After any tournament or game, you can conveniently fold the table until your next game. This table is one of the better ones in its category. I will give this table 7 out of 10 points in its category. There are some basic features such as cup holders that are missing. Apart from that, the 83″ Accent Suited Poker Table does not have any serious flaws.The table comes at a price of $299.99 which I feel is fair value. The discounts however can go upto 33%. With a 33% discount the price of the table can come down to $199.99. This is simply a great price for the 83″ Accent Suited Poker Table. If you are planning a professional grade table, this table definitely needs a serious consideration. I am sure, that owners of this table will never regret their decision.